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Don’t Forget to Get REAL(-ID)

by Mary Jakubowski – ASME

Attention all jet-setters! As of Oct. 1, 2020, all air travelers will be required to have a REAL-ID-compliant driver’s license or alternate acceptable identification to fly domestically. The is due to the REAL-ID Act which was passed in 2005.

Travelers who reside in some states, even if flying domestically, will need identification other than a driver’s license to pass through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at airports, unless you have an REAL-ID license. You cannot apply for REAL-ID online, by phone or by mail. If you never had a driver license before, you must first apply for an enhanced learner permit. If you don’t need to drive, you can apply for an enhanced non-driver ID.

For New York State residents, you can get the application or renewal forms online through this link but you must submit  in person with additional documents proving your residency and identity. For more information and a list of states that require the enhanced Driver’s License, click here.

Christopher AchacosoDon’t Forget to Get REAL(-ID)