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Helping Puerto Rico

All funds will be donated to Acacia Network, Inc. and will go towards their Brigadas al Sur project – a three-month work plan to assist children and elderly affected by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico. 

As you all well know, in an effort to help the communities affected by the recent earthquakes in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, Acacia Network activated Acacia Puerto Rico to assist in the relief efforts and formed Brigadas al Sur. After more than a month of almost daily tremors the everyday life of these affected communities still in the air, as the local government has not been able to handle the crisis in a timely manner. It is worth mentioning that there still thousands of people living on camping tents all around these communities.

With the help of donors and local partners like you, Brigadas al Sur has been able to reach the most affected communities and elderly homes with an offer of services that includes but is not limited to informative talks on how to lead with crisis situations in case of earthquakes, acupuncture sessions, yoga, meditation, body massages, chiropractor, art workshops, haircuts, theater plays, musical interventions, and hot meals among others.

This conglomerate of services seeks to support in a systemic way the effort that is being made simultaneously in the affected area, with the delivery of supplies which includes mosquito nets, solar lamps, clothes, basic medical supplies, tents, batteries and blankets among others. 

 With Acacia’s Network leadership and your support throughout this efforts Brigadas al Sur has been able to help more than 2,300 families:

  • More than 600 hot meals
  • More than 500 body massages
  • More than 400 acupuncture sessions
  • More than 160 haircuts
  • In the process of delivering 1,000 mosquito nets
  • In the process of delivering 1,000 solar lamps
  • In the process of delivering essential school supplies to school tents camps that communities are enabling, so the children can start their school semester

Throughout this process is evident that even though the communities and elderly homes that we have visited are very thankful for all the support, what are they most thankful is the companionship that we offered during those few hours that we are there with them and the sense of relief and security that they feel knowing that they are not alone. There’s still a lot to be done for our neighbors of the south, with Acacia’s Network support, donors and people like you Brigadas al Sur will keep doing our part in this crisis.

Acacia PR is accepting contributions to support the people of Puerto Rico. 100% of ALL donations will go directly to victims of the earthquakes and tremors. All checks should be made payable to Acacia Puerto Rico Inc. and mailed to Melany Compres at 300 East 175th Street, Bronx, NY 10457. For credit card donations, you may contact Melany Compres via email at [email protected].  

Acacia Puerto Rico Inc. is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is qualified to receive tax-deductible contributions.

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