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RISE Award
A new member or emerging professional that has less than 5 years experience in the industry, and who has made the most impact to the chapter.

 Kaitlyn Mirabella

Engaged Award
An individual who is most actively involved in the NYPCMA chapter.

      Dawn Eagleton

Collaboration Award
Marketing Committee’s Social Media Team, Frederique Henriot, Carine des Roches, Emily Sweigart, and Jamie Bialor!
The person or committee who constantly strives to join forces, engage, and communicate with other committees and members. 

      Frederique Henriot                                   Carine des Roches                  


     Emily Sweigart                                           Jamie Bialor  

#SocialButterfly Award
Given to the member who is most prolific in their marketing of NYPCMA on social media

    John Sklencar

Adaption Award
Given to a member who went above and beyond to adapt and innovate their job, their event(s), their organization, and/or our industry in the face of COVID-19.
Our board wanted to celebrate the perseverance and resilience that all of us showed this year.

    Victoria Lee

Programming Award
Given to the speaker, presenter, or concept that YOU all found most inspiring and groundbreaking for 2020.

       Rita Lopez   

Community Service Award
Given to the person who goes above and beyond to give back to the community and others.

   Viviana Matasaru

NYPCMA Committee Volunteer of the Year
Given to a committee volunteer who constantly strives to go above and beyond in their volunteerism, promote collaboration, innovation and chapter growth.

      Erica Teddone

2020 NYPCMA Supplier Award
Given to the professional supplier who has shown great support for events, membership and the chapter as a whole.


NYPCMA President’s Award
Given by the president to celebrate an individual who best exemplifies chapter leadership and is dedicated to the mission of our chapter.

  Janene Machado

NYPCMA Member of the Year Award
Given to the chapter member who exemplifies every award we’ve given above, and then some.

Jamie Bialor  

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