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Call to action: Let’s unify our voice

24 March 2020

The global events industry is suffering unimaginable and unprecedented losses from COVID-19. It is impacting us personally and professionally.

The Events Industry Council is working with members and partners to unify our voice and communicate loudly: We are the events industry and we will drive economic recovery – but we need help now.

Our ask today is to reach out to your elected officials and key decision-makers, who are looking at ways to provide economic relief. We may not be able to control what’s happening in the world right now, but we
absolutely control how and with whom we share our message.

Our voices must be heard globally. This letter can be used globally and customized by using your letterhead and statistics. Make it your own and send it to your regional, national and local stakeholders.
When you send the email, please cc: [email protected].

In the United States, please use this link to find your Senator and this link to find your Representative. Share it with your state and local elected officials.
Download this U.S.-focused letter and email it as far and as wide as you can. When you send the email, please cc: [email protected].

Share these letters via your social channels and tag EIC @Events_Council.

As EIC, we know and understand our role in the global economy. Our 2018 Global Economic Significance study proves that the impact of our industry is significant.
Here is a one-pager to help you share that information as well.

We are 26 million industry professionals. Together we are stronger. Please act today.

Amy Calvert
CEO, Events Industry Council



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