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Missed out on Education Day?

by Chris Achacoso – Melbourne Convention Bureau and Lumi Hilchey – Atout France

Don’t worry – we got you covered! Thanks to our friends at SlidesLive, we’re able to provide you with the recorded panel sessions from our insightful breakouts during this year’s Education Day.

Learn something new and feel free to share with your colleagues! Click on the titles to access the recorded sessions

Meeting & Event Design Trends and Panel Discussion
Learn about trends such as robots with cognitive thinking skills trying to bring people and systems together for collaboration and artificial intelligence. Another trend is augmented reality – tools that are out there “for no reason” can be used for specific projects, especially in the video world.
Companies such as KPMG advise their stakeholders to stay open to ideas and conversation as a next step to innovation. As an example, they have recently introduced revised advisory training methodologies. They are also shifting to temporary marketplaces where they bring their workforce together with their clients in a more relaxed atmosphere conducive to better collaboration.

Five Tactics to Take the Audience Engagement to the Next Level
Click here to access the recorded session. The big take away from this session is that if we want people to come to our event, we need to add interaction; instead of “zzzs”, we need to bring more “aha” moments: designing a delighting space, an agenda that is not over packed, or replacing a keynote presentation with a keynote interview. In regard to keynote interviews, if any of your top team members are poor speakers, interview them, but don’t constrain them by a detailed script.

Lastly, give attendees time for reflection and to digest the content, switching from listening mode to interaction mode.

Christopher AchacosoMissed out on Education Day?