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Join Us in Support of Restore NYC!

We are thrilled this month to be supporting Restore, NYC as our spotlight CSR initiative. We thank you for your continued support of the CSR Committee and hope that you will consider a donation this month to help Restore NYC.

Restore, NYC is a nonprofit organization making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States. For over 10 years, Restore has pioneered innovative counseling, housing, and economic-empowerment solutions that give survivors access to improved well-being, safe homes, and real jobs– the things that Restore’s data tell us make freedom real.

You can support Restore NYC in a number of ways!

– Buy items for Restore’s Transitional Home through their Amazon wish list-

– Shop at businesses that donate a portion of their proceeds to Restore. You can find a list of businesses here in the Wish List section-

– Visit to learn more and to find other ways to support and volunteer.

Thank you!


newyorkpcmaorgJoin Us in Support of Restore NYC!