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2022 Winter Education Program Session & Speaker Bio

NYPCMA Winter Program 2022: The Power of Human Connection in Business Events

How to Magically Connect With Anyone

Everyone wants to feel heard, understood, and valued. Sure, we live in a divisive age- but the real problem is that we treat interactions as transactions. Yet when we feel truly seen by our colleagues and leaders, we become deeply connected with ourselves, our organization, and our mission. That’s why to build world-class teams and host truly spectacular programs, we need to learn and understand perspectives that are different from our own. Not to agree, but understand. And in this high-energy, interactive presentation, you’ll learn precisely how to do it, on and offline.


Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a former magician turned human connection specialist, who works with organizations that believe everyone deserves to feel heard, understood and valued. His TEDx talk “How to Magically Connect with Anyone” has been viewed 3.5 million times. Brian believes every individual has the power to not just join the human connection revolution but to lead it.

Connect with Brian:
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Contact: [email protected]

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newyorkpcmaorg2022 Winter Education Program Session & Speaker Bio