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Hi friends,

I trust all of you are enjoying these last few weeks of the summer which has gone by way too fast. Maybe that’s a good thing considering how hot it’s been. I also imagine many of us are already pining for leave color changing and pumpkin spice ____________ (feel free to fill in this blank.)  Personally I like winter in NY the most (yes I know I am crazy), but summer is probably the most vibrant time in NY.  It’s such a great feeling to see packed stadiums again as our two baseball teams fight for a chance to get into the playoffs, to experience the beauty and magic of a Broadway show, and to feel the energy of the crowd during a long rally at the US Open. The reason that we can do all it is because we have all done our parts these last 15 months to slow down and control the pandemic.  And I hope we will continue to do our parts so that we can hopefully get rid of this virus altogether.

As with many of you, NYPCMA took a little summer break. But now we are back and more energized than ever. We are working diligently on Education Day which is scheduled for November 4. In addition, we are looking to restart our monthly social, but instead of virtual, the monthly social will be in-person. We also have a series of CSR activities lined up in the next few months. Please continue to follow up on social media or check out the NYPCMA website for updates and announcements.

The only reason that NYPCMA can continue to produce amazing events is due to the hard work and commitment of the super volunteers. Without their unconditional and unwavered effort, none of what we do is possible.  We are always in need for more volunteers to support the mission and objectives of our chapter. If you are interested in getting involved, please go to Even if you can only contribute a little of your time, WE WANT YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to read this column. Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] if there is anything that you want to talk about. Thank you for your continued support of our chapter.

Onward and upward,


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