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Interviewing as a Life Skill: An Actor’s Perspective

Stephanie Courtney Biography 

Stephanie Courtney is a comedic actress who has appeared in shows such as Mad Men, The Goldbergs, You’re The Worst, and Comedy Bang Bang among many others. She is best known, however, for her portrayal of Flo the Progressive Insurance lady for over a decade. An alumni of The Groundlings sketch and improv theater, she performs regularly in their Wednesday night long form improv show, The Crazy Uncle Joe Show (Now on Zoom because… you know… *hugs a Lysol wipe*). She is also, and most importantly, Stacey Courtney’s sister!

Session Description 

Interviewing as a Life Skill: An Actor’s Perspective

Understanding the role and rehearsing lines are just a few parallels between interviewing and auditioning. Stephanie Courtney, actor, comedian, improv artist, and most widely known for her role as Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials, will discuss staying resilient in a competitive environment and how acting techniques can help land your next role.

Learner’s Outcomes:

  • Effective job interview skills using improv
  • Listening and applying feedback
  • Being prepared, authentic, and committed

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