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This month’s spotlight goes to Leah Zender, winner of our 2019 New York PCMA Committee Volunteer of the Year. Leah is a National Sales Manager for Experience Columbus.

  1. Tell us a little about how you got into the business events industry. My first introduction to events was through my internship in the Group Sales department at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, assisting with group events ranging from weddings to corporate outings. This opportunity made me realize my passion for the hospitality industry, so after college I took my first job doing marketing and event planning for a restaurant group. Through this job I was introduced to Experience Columbus, where I’ve been ever since.
  2. What’s your favorite part of your job? First and foremost, getting to meet a variety of talented and passionate people, from planners to hoteliers. One of the hallmark characteristics of Columbus is the spirit of collaboration that runs throughout the city, named The Columbus Way but Harvard Business School, and I enjoy introducing my clients to this by connecting them with the incredible resources and people in my community.
  3. What’s the most fun or productive thing you’ve done in quarantine? I recently moved to a new area in Columbus, and it’s surrounded by many parks, trails and outdoor activities. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring these hidden gems and generally enjoying time outside.
  4. Share a link to your favorite recipe! Chicken Picatta
  5. As our 2019 NYPCMA committee volunteer of the year, share your favorite NYPCMA day, event or activity! My favorite activity was Global Meetings Industry Day, during which our chapter helped create 300 toiletry-stuffed backpacks to donate to EPCAT, an organization dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking. My CSR committee team collected toiletry donations from a variety of local hotels and organizations and then set up a station to allow attendees to assemble the bags. It was fun to see everyone roll up their sleeves and do their part to make an impact.
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