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NYPCMA Celebrates 25!

Where were you in 1993?

Bill Clinton had just started his term as the 42nd President, the World Wide Web was still something most people hadn’t heard of (not to mention dial-up modems), and cell phones were outrageously expensive.

Roseanne, Seinfeld, and Murphy Brown graced the small screen, while on the big screen Jurassic Park, Mrs. Doubtfire and The Fugitive topped the box office lists.

And that year, NYPCMA was born!

Come help us celebrate our silver anniversary and share on our theme of connectedness.

This year, we’ve tailored our programs and events to be more mindful of everyone’s busy schedules.

SAVE THE DATE for these exciting 2018 programs:

March 6: Education Event
April 11: Global Meetings Industry Day with Greater New York Chapter of MPI
April 27: Spring BOD and Committee meeting – town hall
May 10: Bowery Mission Community Service 
July 17: Summer Happy Hour
October 4: Education Day
December 6: ACE Awards + Education + #Giving Tuesday

Christopher AchacosoNYPCMA Celebrates 25!